The Abruzzo hills that lie between the outlets of the River Sangro and the River Sinello are the crowning glory of a verdant coastline.
The beaches and cliffs are dotted with the famous “trabocchi” fishing platforms, and a sequence of natural ports that support fishing and trade relations, while fertile terrain has attracted settlers and fostered the cultivation of native vines.
The area vaunts extensive, significant traces of human presence here, dating back to Neolithic times, including relics of the Italic and Roman periods. In the Middle Ages, the district became home to lay and religious communities that remained despite various occupiers, the last being the Bourbons, preceding the Unification of Italy.
The “Italic spirit” that spurred Italian merchant navigators is our legacy, and our aim is to make our wine the flagship that promotes our homeland, this nook of our Abruzzo and our Italy. We pursue our mission along the most ancient and important routes mapped out by Italian seafarers of every era.